Go Girl Gallery – A Celebration of Woman Through Art

Look forward to our next Art Exhibit at Vichy Elementary School in 2016!

Go Girl Gallery was inspired by Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party,” an installation piece that fills its own room at the Brooklyn Museum.

“The Dinner Party” took five years to create, with hundreds of volunteers creating china dinner plates and embroidered runners to honor 39 great women in history.

Developing a “women’s study through art” curriculum offered at the elementary school level has been a passion of mine. This subject is exciting, educational, relevant and interesting. I feel it is important to introduce the concept of equal rights for men and women to young boys and girls so they can learn at an early age how to respect and treat one another. Learning about influential women, past and present, reminds us of what we are all capable of achieving in the future.

Each year the Art Exhibit has grown to include students from Blue Oak School, Vichy Elementary School, grape leaves studio, Yountville Elementary School and Northwood Elementary School. We have also had the privilege of hosting women artists such as Lisa Kristine and Josanna Borelli Zavala.

View the Photo Gallery below and see how creative each student was!